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Design Wizard

Stage 1.1 - Select Instruments

You can complete Stage 1 in any order you choose, we suggest that you work through them in order.

You can go back and change your options at any time before proceeding to Stage 2, however you must select options for all sections of Stage 1 before progressing to Stage 2

Stage 1
  1. Select Instruments
  2. Select Dial Colour
  3. Select Graphic Colour
  4. Select Pointer Colour
  5. Select Bezel Finish
  6. Select Bezel Style

Stage 2

  1. Instrument Questions
Please select each instrument which you wish to add to your basket, you will be asked questions about size, range and accessories for each of these in Stage 2.
Fuel Gauge
Oil Pressure Gauge
Oil Temperature Gauge
Water Temperature Gauge